Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Forced to pay for 911 calls

How would you like to get the bill for calling police or an ambulance every time you had an emergency? Dialing 911 is going to cost some taxpayers in California hundreds.

Lawmakers in Tracy, California have decided to charge residents for calling for help. The fees will range between $50 and $400. Residents say they're outraged and they're taxes should cover those costs.

Greg Bidlack said, “It's a $300 fee. You don't want to be thinking about that while somebody is in need of assistance.”

California city leaders say it was a split decision but they needed to find a way to close a $9- million dollar budget gap.

How about looking at the ridiculous benefit packages that you allowed to get passed for union employees....like 90% retirement pay after only working for 20 years?

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  1. First California, then the entire nation now that Obama is in charge.