Monday, August 30, 2010

Nuts, absolutly wacko the Brits!

Army hero who lost a leg in Afghanistan denied a disabled parking permit by council bosses 'because he might get better'

By Daily Mail Reporter

A hero soldier who lost a leg in Afghanistan has been denied a disabled parking badge three times by council bosses.

Lance Corporal Johno Lee has clocked up £800 in fines for parking in disabled bays in his home town of Newark, Nottinghamshire, on days when he uses a wheelchair or feels unable to walk very far.

When he first applied to Nottinghamshire County Council for a blue badge, he was advised he was young and 'may get better'.

'Sometimes the leg swells so badly I can't even get the prosthetic leg on. I then have to park in disabled bays otherwise I can't get into town, but then I get a ticket.

'If I live for another 60 years, am I expected to continue to have to struggle for all of that time?'

Lance Corporal Lee's applications are being supported by the British Limbless Ex-Servicemen's' Association.

In a statement, the Council's Service Director Mr Paul McKay said: 'We are looking into the matter and have arranged for a member of staff to meet Mr Lee to review the situation. We will urgently assess whether he meets the criteria for a disabled parking badge as laid down by the Department of Transport.'

Mr Lee, a charity worker for the Armed Forces, added: 'A lot of people are coming home from Afghanistan severely wounded and are deserving of recognition rather than to be disrespected by the bureaucrats.'

When he was blown up, his heart stopped twice, once on the helicopter taking him to Camp Bastion and once on the operating table, but he was revived each time.

And just when you thought it was the United States that had lock of common sense.....merry Ol England beats the US anytime!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

American Airlines to charge for front-row seats

NEW YORK — American Airlines has found another fee.

The Fort Worth, Texas, airline said Wednesday it's now charging between $19 and $39 for "Express Seats" — those spots in the first few rows of coach that include bulkhead seats.

The carrier, which is operated by parent AMR Corp., is following in the footsteps of several other airlines who already charge for special seats. UAL Corp.'s United Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Airways, JetBlue, Frontier, Spirit and AirTran all have some seats that cost extra.

American said the price of the seats includes getting on the plane in the first "general boarding" group of passengers. The seats that will cost extra are in the first two or three rows of the coach cabin, depending on the size of the plane.

The seats can only be bought at airport kiosks between 24 hours to 50 minutes before the flight for travel within the U.S.

American, the country's second-largest airline behind Delta Air Lines, still provides its elite frequent fliers those seats for no extra charge. American also charges fees for checked bags, priority boarding, booking on the phone or in person, "sleep sets," unaccompanied minors and pets.

Gee...what a novel idea, what are they going to charge for next? I thought they already charged you for a seat? How about putting token meters on the lavatory?

Or an filtered air you breathe surcharge?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Say Hello, Go To Jail!

Court says California mall's chat policy illegal

ROSEVILLE — A Northern California appeals court has struck down a shopping mall's policy barring people from approaching strangers to chitchat.

The 3rd District Court of Appeal this week said the rules at Roseville's Westfield Galleria violate the California Constitution's free speech guarantee.

The mall prohibited people in its common areas from approaching people they didn't know to talk unless the conversation was about business involving the mall or its tenants. The case arose after mall officials issued a citizen's arrest of a 27-year-old pastor who tried to talk about his faith.

The appeals court says the policy effectively bars shoppers from chatting about the weather or offering directions.

A spokeswoman for Westfield says the mall is considering appealing to the California Supreme Court.

Just when you thought thigns could not get anymore wacko.........

How will it be in 10 years? Better you think?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Here, let me pick up that tab....

Man sentenced for faking seizures at restaurants

The Associated Press

BALTIMORE - A Baltimore man has been sentenced to a year and a half in jail for faking seizures to get out of paying restaurant bills. City prosecutors said 43-year-old Andrew Palmer pleaded guilty last week to one count of theft scheme, and a judge agreed to impose an 18-month sentence - the maximum Palmer could have received.

Prosecutors said Palmer ate and drank at several restaurants between April and July, and when he couldn't pay, he would feign a seizure that required medical personnel to respond. The maximum penalty for each individual offense was 90 days in jail because the value of each meal was less than $100.

Court records show Palmer has a long criminal record that includes 40 convictions for theft and dozens more arrests.

I wonder if this qualifies as Yankee Ingenuity?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crazy... Crasy? You tell me who's Crazy.

Disabled advocates, band reach compromise over "lunatic" show


A Sebastopol rock band and advocates for the mentally ill made peace Saturday night over a controversial show the advocates said mocked disabled people.

The band, Baby Seal Club, invited members of the National Alliance on Mentall Illness to distribute information at their show at the Hopmonk Tavern, billed “Lunatic Binge.”

NAMI members on Friday had criticized the event, which played on the theme of craziness and encouraged people to wear costumes such as straitjackets. Local leaders suggested they would demonstrate the show if it weren't canceled.

But only one picketer showed up Saturday night and advocates were invited to set up an information booth inside.

Hopmonk manager Jason Abrao said members of the band worked out the agreement with NAMI.

“They seem to be in good spirits,” Abrao said. “It's going to be an interesting evening.”

Only in America can a rock and roll band potentially piss off a group representing crazy people.

What are they going to do? Run in the streets screaming?

Who cares?