Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Mayor should be ashamed of himself.......

Teen's bottom spray-painted as graffiti punishment

MEXICO CITY - A mayor in central Mexico says he has fired one of his town officials for spray-painting the buttocks of a teenage boy as punishment for graffiti tagging.

The mayor of San Juan del Rio in Queretaro state says police caught the 13-year-old tagging a wall last week and turned him over to the official. The official's job is to impose penalties for petty crime.

Mayor Gustavo Nieto said Thursday that he fired the official because he should have notified the boy's parents so they could pay for the damage, and not punish the teen personally. He did not identify the employee.

When polled the overwhelming majority express support for the employee that sprayed the culprits ass. He should be given a promotion not fired....... another example of too much feel good politics.


  1. No good deed goes unpunished. Should give the mayor a medal, not fire him.

  2. A hefty reward is deserved.