Friday, April 2, 2010

Doggie doo doo in your shoe.........SUE!

Man sues, claims he fell after stepping in feces

The Associated Press

NORFOLK, Va. - A Poquoson man who said he fell after stepping in dog feces at a PetSmart store has filed a $1 million negligence lawsuit against the company. Robert Holloway alleges in his lawsuit in U.S. District Court that he badly injured his back, struck his head and knocked out four teeth when he slipped in January 2009 at a Newport News PetSmart. He alleges that PetSmart and its manager should have protected him from a hazardous condition created when they allowed animals to defecate on the floor.

Gotta love the litigation crazy leeches up North.

Can you imagine this happening at any local store? They would laugh at you first, second it seems that personal responsibility for stepping in dog crap you would be ridiculed forever. But no, they will settle for big bucks, the attorney will make enough to by a new car or two.....


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