Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wow, what a nice set of..............

Transgender men go topless at Delaware beach

The Associated Press

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. - Rehoboth Beach in Delaware isn't a topless beach - but a few transgender men caused a stir by treating it like one. Police say passers-by complained after the men removed their tops and revealed their surgically enhanced breasts over Memorial Day weekend. A lifeguard asked them to put their tops back on. The men initially refused, but covered up before police arrived.

Even if they hadn't, though, Police Chief Keith Banks notes the men were doing nothing illegal. Since they have male genitalia, they can't be charged with indecent exposure for showing their breasts. Banks says there's no need for a specific law to address the issue.

Rehoboth Beach commissioner Kathy McGuiness isn't so sure. She says the matter will be discussed at a town hall meeting next week.

How did the chief know they had male genitalia?

Could have been a woman with overly excessive facial hair......

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  1. Well, ain´t the world an interesting place?