Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crazy... Crasy? You tell me who's Crazy.

Disabled advocates, band reach compromise over "lunatic" show


A Sebastopol rock band and advocates for the mentally ill made peace Saturday night over a controversial show the advocates said mocked disabled people.

The band, Baby Seal Club, invited members of the National Alliance on Mentall Illness to distribute information at their show at the Hopmonk Tavern, billed “Lunatic Binge.”

NAMI members on Friday had criticized the event, which played on the theme of craziness and encouraged people to wear costumes such as straitjackets. Local leaders suggested they would demonstrate the show if it weren't canceled.

But only one picketer showed up Saturday night and advocates were invited to set up an information booth inside.

Hopmonk manager Jason Abrao said members of the band worked out the agreement with NAMI.

“They seem to be in good spirits,” Abrao said. “It's going to be an interesting evening.”

Only in America can a rock and roll band potentially piss off a group representing crazy people.

What are they going to do? Run in the streets screaming?

Who cares?


  1. I guess I shouldn't wear my straightjacket out in pubic. possibly offending a crazy person.
    Yeah, Right!

  2. Jerry, Go right ahead. We are all a little crazy anyway, and besides I don't mind.