Friday, October 29, 2010

Now I know why the kids are obese and diabetic!

Tenn. students complain about no ketchup, mustard

The Associated Press

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Students at Memphis City Schools are complaining there's no ketchup. No mustard, either. Calvin Jones, the interim head of food services, said the schools have plenty of bulk condiments, but not enough cafeteria workers to squirt them into little plastic cups. The schools are asking for individual packs .

The Commercial Appeal reported the school board approved $77,514 to buy little fast-food packs of ketchup on Oct. 18 and hopes to have it in the lunch lines next week.

In the meantime, French fries, corn dogs and chicken tenders go unadorned, unless students opt for hot sauce, barbecue sauce or mayonnaise.

Ok they have 77 thousand dollars to buy stuff in little packages but no one to put the stuff into little cups? So the poor kids will eat FRENCH FRIES, CORN DOGS AND CHICKEN TENDERS WITH ONLY HOT SAUCE, BBQ SAUCE OR MAYONNAISE???????

Something is wrong with this picture..... can't these kids squeeze there own mustard and ketchup? Why are the schools feeding kids this JUNK food. French Fries, Corn Dogs?

No wonder Johnny and Mary are fat slobs.......and I suppose they wash it down with Soda?

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