Thursday, November 11, 2010

And they wonder why the state is broke.

Hazmat crews clean up sour milk dumped in Proctor Terrace drain

Hazmat crews were investigating a sticky, white substance dumped into a Santa Rosa storm drain Thursday.

A Proctor Terrace youth admitted he dumped the results from his attempt to make moonshine into the drain on Geary Drive at El Camino Way, Santa Rosa police officials said.

The youth could possibly be fined for the dumping, Officer Alan Schellerup said.

“He said he dumped five gallons of milk that had soured and gelled,” Schellerup said.

The substance was dumped into a connecting drain, and not a main drainage pipe, and the substance didn’t make its way to any water source, Schellerup said.

Fire crews scooped the white slurry into bags and a water drum and would use a vactor truck to suck up the remaining liquid from the drain, said Santa Rosa Fire Battalion Chief Mike Jones.

Nothing like calling out the hazmat team, cordoning off the street, stopping all traffic and deliveries, closing off the storm drains, testing the milk......

Call a cat...they could of told you, how many thousands of dollars did that cost?

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