Sunday, February 27, 2011

Awww come on, relax a bit..............

2 men to be charged in Pa. cow's head prank

The Associated Press

EBENSBURG, Pa. - Police plan to cite two men who left a package containing a cow's head on the doorstep of some friends in Pennsylvania.

Ebensburg police Chief Terry Wyland tells the Tribune-Democrat of Johnstown that it was a "prank" that "went quite a bit over the top."

The chief says a couple returned home from a trip Saturday evening to find a large cardboard box with their name and address on it near their front door. Inside was the cow's head. The chief says it "caused the victims, especially the wife, stress."

Police say the pranksters came to police headquarters to confess Tuesday night. One of them has experience butchering cows.

The chief isn't naming the suspects. He plans to file harassment and disorderly conduct citations against them later this week.

Gee that sounds like stuff we use to do all the time, in my day that was called horsing around....

And now it's against the law..........

Give me a break!

Next thing they are going to outlaw, setting a paper bag of manure on your buddies doorstep on fire................

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  1. There you are, I was wondering when we would see some post on this site.
    At least a cow's head is a little better than a horse head.