Sunday, March 27, 2011

Woman wants to waterski......NOT

Woman Sued Carnival Claiming Cruise Ship Was Too Fast

AOL Travel News

An Indiana woman will not have her day in court, at least in her home state, on claims that as a cruise passenger she became ill because a Carnival Cruise Lines ship was going too fast.

Doris Beard sued Carnival claiming "due to the speed of the ship I became very sick, my body swayed terrible on the ship I had bleeding, which I had not has [sic] in three years. The ship was moving so fast everyone on board became sick, even the workers," according to a court document.

Carnival called for the case to be dismissed, arguing the venue for the suit should be changed to Florida, where the cruise line is based.

The cruise line's motion was denied by a small claims court in Lake County, Indiana. But the Indiana Court of Appeals said this week the small claims court "erred," and has reversed the decision.

Which Carnival ship Beard cruised on and where she took her cruise was not listed in the court document.

The woman first filed her claim in August 2009. The amount she is seeking was not specified.

Is there no end to what people can sue for? And they wonder why courts are tied up for years.....

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