Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Use your cell phone and get chased ...

Cell-phone violation leads to police chase and fatal crash

10-26) 05:55 PDT CONCORD -- A man being chased by Concord police for driving while talking on his cell phone crashed his pickup truck into a second car, killing its driver, authorities said.

The incident began about 6 p.m. Tuesday when an officer saw a man in a white pickup truck talking on his cell phone without the required hands-free device and tried to pull him over, police said.

The man refused to stop and led the officer on a chase. The pursuit ended when the man crashed into a BMW on Solano Way near Highway 242, police said.

The driver of the BMW died as a result of the crash. The victim's name hasn't been released.

The suspect was arrested after a short foot chase. His identity was also withheld.

Yes , I know the guy should have stopped, BUT, at what point do you consider putting other peoples lives in danger? I was under the impression that most law-enforcement agencies allow officers to chase suspects in stolen cars or those wanted for serious crimes.

Over zealousness?

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