Thursday, December 27, 2012

‘Screaming savage’ makes return on Braves’ batting practice caps for 2013

Well it looks like the PC crowd is at it again. Someone has their panties in a knot over the new logo of the Braves, batting practice caps.

Here is what one person wrote about it, a few months ago.......

It's a wonder that anyone ever thought the image was OK. The logo strips Native Americans of any humanity and turns them into a one-dimensional character devoid of any sympathy or tribute. It honestly might be the only defense that the few defenders of Cleveland's Chief Wahoo have left. ("Well, it's not as bad as what Atlanta used to have.")

As a normal, sensible, American, should I be upset that Minnesota's NFL team has an image of a Viking warrior? What about those of Greek ancestry and Michigan State's Spartan warrior? Or Turks and USC's Trojan warrior? Should the Irish be upset that Notre Dame characterizes their people as "Fighting"?There is a long and understandable tradition of sports teams portraying themselves as fearsome warriors of various ethnicities.
I remember in High School our mascot was a leprechaun and our motto was "The Fighting Irish" At that time , the motto was suppose  to send the message, "We're tough guys. Don't mess with us." Teams don't call themselves, for example, the "Atlanta PC Wusses." Or the "San Francisco Sissies"......That would not exactly inspire fear in the opponent.

Again this just shows you how stupid this PC crowd is, so screw em, if they can't see the irony in all of this........

Have a Happy New Year!

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  1. And we can still say the word Christmas in Mexican Schools without fear of offending someone.
    I really don't see an end to this insanity, it can only get worse.