Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Too much time on their hands.......

Ariz. board sued over fish pedicure squabble

The Associated Press

MESA, Ariz. - A conservative watchdog group has filed a lawsuit against an Arizona agency on behalf of a salon owner who uses nibbling fish to remove dead skin from the feet of customers.

The lawsuit filed by Goldwater Institute on Monday says the Arizona Board of Cosmetology overstepped its bounds when it decided the fish perform pedicures and are subject to regulatory control.

Cindy Vong opened Spa Fish Therapy in Gilbert last year and charged customers $30 to plunge their feet into a clean tank filled with fish, which nibble on customers' feet, removing dead skin.

The therapy is popular in Asia and some U.S. states. It uses small fish imported from China.

The board ordered the spa to close because the fish cannot be sterilized. Vong says the move cost her a substantial financial investment and lost business.

I wonder where the Goldwater Institute gets it's money funding? Must be nice to have to find causes to protect some fish..... Why not take the money and effort and do something that might, just might benefit human beings...... So is it a public safety issue or is it an animal rights issue?

What about the rights of the customers to enjoy their dead skin from being nibbled at?

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