Friday, January 22, 2010

Epedemic Stupidity or Overreaction Again!

Bag with Kermit the Frog causes school closure

The Associated Press

LAFAYETTE, Colo. - Boulder authorities locked down a Lafayette charter school while they examined a duffel bag left at the campus parking lot that ended up containing a Kermit the Frog doll. Boulder County's bomb squad responded to the Peak to Peak Charter School after an employee there called at about 7:15 a.m. Wednesday to report the unattended bag. Authorities used a robot with movable arms and a camera to investigate the bag and then an officer inspected it to make sure it was safe.

Authorities cleared the scene at about 10 a.m. Students and staff were locked down until then in a campus building.

The charter school is for K-12 students.

What is the problem with these people? This is becoming epidemic and no longer funny. Sad.....truly sad.....

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  1. Pretty soon you will not be able to leave your newspaper on your front door step.