Thursday, May 30, 2013

You asked for it , You got it!

The left's over-sexualization of children, causes charges against 6-year-old

The Left's over-sexualization of children is starting to result in more absurd behavior in our school systems. Now a public school in California brings sexual battery charges against a 6-year-old boy.

In another stupendously stupid move by the politically correct education system, a friendly game of tag amongst 6-year-olds, resulted in a sexual battery charge against one of the little children.

How innocent are our children? Not very, according to the rabid left who see sexual connotations in every move as they try to ram down their sexual mores on the rest of the citizens.

According to witnesses, a group of youngsters was playing tag on their elementary school playground, in Hercules, California. Of course, the very essence of the game of tag involves touching, so an innocent move by one young boy resulted in him touching another child's leg.

But since radical leftists have convinced the State of California to treat 5- and 6-year-olds as if they are sexually active, this innocent touch in the course of a child's game, turned the boy into a sexual predator in the eyes of school officials.

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After the allegation of illegal touching, the child was interrogated in the principal’s office for 2 hours, without his parents presence, until he confessed to his "crime." This resulted in school officials charging the little boy with a sexual battery charge, which will be on his school record. Additionally, the little boy was immediately suspended from school.

The child's father spoke to the local news media about the situation and said his son was accused of brushing his best friend’s leg while they were playing on the school’s playground. In the American education system, particularly California, it seems the far left thinks it’s perfectly normal to make a 6-year-old child register as a sex offender with a record.

In order to right a serious wrong however, the boys father was forced to hire a lawyer to explore legal avenues. After the threat of litigation hovered over their heads, school officials quickly backed down and dropped the ridiculous charges against the little boy.

It is becoming a popular battle cry that bullying amongst children is an epidemic problem in America's schools. But many Americans are starting to see the left's influence on school policies as absurd bullying. Our schools are turning into politically correct, hermetically sealed environments that don't prepare our children for the real world.

 Only in the USofA.


  1. Just another example of over the top PC.......
    God only knows what these people would have thought of me shooting off the heads of my plastic soldiers with my BBgun in my backyard sand forts.
    Dan in NC

  2. I feel sorry for the kids, there is a point that this is just gone so far the other way that it is ludicrous.

    As I mentioned before, WE would all be in jail.....

  3. This is not news....stuff like this is happening daily.